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Re: Tassie Daves Vicky

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I will try and upload some photos when I get a chance….

A small update, over Christmas I managed to clean up the mess in the shed from 12 months of “hey honey can you build/fix/make” projects so I can get stuff done, I managed to get my 70 year old Hercus lathe out of storage and set up in the shed, it’s only been in storage for 12 and a bit years(3 house moves)…. After having to buy a new v belt and then replacing the 50 year old electric motor the lathe is working well and I remembered how handy they are, I have turned and modified a SBC dizzy as the big chinesium HEI one fouled up with the 4vu intake manifold, need to re assemble the dizzy and finish off the adapter plate to fit the Holley carb and remember where I put the ignition coil, make up a few leads and hopefully bring the little Toyota Hemi back to life….

Does anyone have an idea where I can find a flywheel for an early 80s Celica or Camry engine 1s or 2s, 115 tooth 11.6 inch diameter
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Re: Tassie Daves Vicky

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Photos, yes please.

Having the lathe back in action must be awesome, thanks for the update.
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Re: Tassie Daves Vicky

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Great to hear your honey to do list is largely taken care of, for now.
I still have to start on mine!

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Re: Tassie Daves Vicky

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My brother in law was very proud, one day, of the fact his wife gave him a list of jobs that needed doing.
My wife cast a sideways glance at me...
I thought, if ever you gave me a list, I'd do you the same favour......
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