Seeking information on Wray superchargers

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Re: Seeking information on Wray superchargers

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On discussing this unit further with my brother, he is of the understanding that this unit is in fact one of the two superchargers referred to in my response of 30 Sept. that were purchased new by my brother in-law and his mate. I must correct that date as it in fact was 1967 when the purchase and installation occurred. They were fitted over the long weekend in October that year. That was a memorable weekend as it snowed in the Barossa Valley that weekend. We have a picture of the snowman my sister ,younger brother and me made this weekend.

On that weekend there was a fellow from Adelaide who came up to assist in the installation and setting up. He already had one of these units on his own Mini. I don't know exactly what his connection was with John Wray but his name was John Oleksyn( or Olexin?). I recall he and his wife had a Ukrainian background. If you can track him down you may learn more about the history from that period. I recall going to Darwin for a holiday in 1978 and ran across John Oleksyn whilst up there. I expect there would be others who were around the hot car scene in Adelaide back then who would remember him.

As to the unit itself it has been dismantled and the internals inspected. It appears in good condition inside.My brother's son has a few Minis about the place so it could easily end up on one of those.
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Re: Seeking information on Wray superchargers

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Cool 8) . I'll see what I can turn up on the elusive Mr Oleksyn.

Cheers (and thanks),
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