10 Years?

Posts relating to early (Pre 1985) Hotrodding History in Australia, including Hotrod and Custom Shows plus early Drag Racing, Speedway, Hillclimbs etc.
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10 Years?

Post by Grazza »

Just reading a post from 'Storky' and I noticed a new "Graphic" on his signature.

Is it really 10 years since OER started? WOW time surely is ripping by, aint it?

Makes me feel a little sadder to think I didn't see it through, but that is water well and truly under the bridge now and we make our decisions based on what is happening at the time. Congratulations to all involved, hope you get many, many more years under your belt.
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Re: 10 Years?

Post by rx4ord »

Crikey Graeme.
Look for me in the anniversary T shirt in the Mulwala pics
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Re: 10 Years?

Post by Outback »

I hear ya Dad, oops Grazza :lol:

It doesn't seem that long ago it all started, was good to be involved in the beginning, good on all those who have stuck it out!

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