Hotrod and custom clubs. Past, present and future.

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Hotrod and custom clubs. Past, present and future.

Post by Brett.C »

You never hear much talk about clubs here, it's like they exist only to host rod runs and yet they are such an important part of rodding.
Are clubs uncool in this "real hotrod" era?

I'm sure that any group of people who organise to hang out together could be considered a club, or at least the basis of a club.
This is how all clubs begin so let's hear about them too.

So tell us about your club, some of its history and where they are at now.
Also, some of the other clubs you were a member of and the ones that are now defunct.

And please, as always, try to keep it nice. No anti club rants or slagging other people's clubs.
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Post by Brett.C »

67 looks and no replies, I guess that answers my question, are clubs uncool?

Ok FWIW I'll kick off,

My first club was the Shifters from 94 to 02.
They are one of the oldest clubs in NSW having started out in 62 around the Ashfield area of Sydney. They petered out in the mid 70s (as rodding did in general) and were resurrected in the mid 80s based around the Engadine, Heathcote area of southern Sydney (also know as the Shire).
Nice bunch of blokes the Shifters.

Second club was Sydney LTD. No longer an active club but was good for keeping my car on club plates until I could find another club to join.
Not sure of their history, believe they started in the early 70s. Quite a few members still around spread across NSW and QLD.

Current club is Oz-E-Rodders of course, of which I am a founding , floundering, member. OER started in 2005 and was formed by a bunch of us nerds here on Ozrodders (don't confuse the names) and it's precursor HRI.

BTW, the name Oz-E-Rodders has nothing to do with Ozrodders. In fact, it has more in common with Ozemail and other such derivatives of Oz-E.
I had thought of it well before ozrodders came into being but I think similarities between the two names struck such a chord in people's minds at the time that we went for it.
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Post by Theyeti »

I'm a member of 2 clubs, both great clubs, for their own reasons.

The first one I joined was Macquarie Towns Hotrod Club Inc you can visit us at
it's a great little club full of helpful people if you go back through some of my posts there's reports on a few shop tours and runs I've attended with them.

The club was founded as Macquarie Towns Rod & Custom Club back in August 1981. Some of our founding members such as Kay & Gary McGuire, Barry & Lesley Manks, Barry Berg, Bob Nagle, Terry Dodd & John Beer came from some well known & more obscure clubs of the 60's such as 'Drag Slicks, Crusaders, Road Knights, and the Midnighters just to name a few.

Our early meetings were held at a members homes before we became established enough to move, firstly to Tates Hotel (Windsor), then to the Wilberforce CWA Hall, Freemans Reach Hall, later on to Windsor Library (Tebbut Room) From there we moved to the Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club before moving to our current club house at the Hawkesbury Showground.

Our early days were mainly confined to attending local events such as school displays, fates and charity events, this was to establish ourselves within the local community. Our first event was a display at Richmond Park as part of the Macquarie Towns Festival, we received great support form other clubs which was extremely encouraging for a new club. We in turn started attending many other clubs runs, including 1982 Wyndham Estate Run, Colo River Run & The Mt Penang Run (Gosford) to name a few. We also held regular Rock & Roll dances at Freemans Reach Hall, Londonderry Hall & Wilberforce Hall.

We have also arranged several reunion runs between 1986 - 1990, as well as attending numerous other clubs runs and participating in a number of Sydney Hot Rod Shows, on top of this we have also hosted the 'Colo River Run' on a few occasions and at a later date put on the Del Rio Run.
In 2002 we celebrated our 21st Anniversary run, and more recently in May 2005 we held the 'Clarendon Rock n Roll Run' with Live bands & Dinner on the Saturday night with cars displayed both in side the hall and in the showground followed by a show n shine with more live bands on the Sunday.

The other club I'm a member of is Oz E Rodders.
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hot rod

Post by Hemi Pickup »

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Post by barnsey »

I am also a member of not to be confused with the forum, our club is still young and at last count we have over 104 financial members.
since joining this club i have met members from all over Australia either at a run or just a social get togeather, I have made many freinds with the same interests as me (HOTRODS and CUSTOMS) we also hold all our monthly meetings online, in our own club section of this forum, which is not visable to the public or members of the ozrodders forum, we also have our own oz-e-rodders chat room that we can visit at any time and chat to other members about up comming events, or just shoot the brease in general about what ever we want,
you can check out some of our club achievments here
Oz-E-Rodders Rod and Kustom Club is affiliated with the ASRF via the ACT District Council. Hot Rod and Kustom enthusiasts from around the nation come together as members of Oz-E-Rodders in a way that is made possible by the internet. Members catch up in person during events such as the ASRF Nationals. and many other rod runs held around the country each year.

While Oz-E-Rodders was originally founded on the Ozrodders forums, Oz-E-Rodders is NOT affiliated with except in the sense that Oz-E-Rodders use the Ozrodders forum for their meeting room. which is only visable to ozerodder club members. The Oz-E-Rodders forums are moderated separately from the Ozrodders forums.
hope this explains a little about our club, and how it is run.
if you are interested in joining the club you can click on this link and follow the instuctions.
cheers barnsey
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Post by billy »

I’m a proud member of the SPADES ROD & CUSTOM Club here in Melb.
Club formed in 1966.
Spades has several founding members still very active with fortnightly meetings.
Membership has always hovered around 30.
Only a select few are asked to join, after they've hung around.
We’re a close knit bunch of mates with a low tolerance to political bullshit , all sharing the same passion for hotrods n customs.

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Post by Mr Cool »

My first club was the Werribee Street Machine Club.
Joined around 1989 or so, and was an active member until it just became a few mates who met at the pub once a month for a chat and a cool drink after hours. That was around 1995 from memory, and any remaining club funds were split between the few people who were left and we do still all catch up every December for a bit of a chin-wag etc. Was only last weekend I did exactly that.
Didnt have much to do with clubs for a while after that, got maried in 96, kids/mortgage etc all got in the way although I still done the social thing.
Until OzERodders formed, and now as per below Im president, and really enjoying it.

BTW, any other general forum members should also put their club logo in their signature, thats if clubs are stiil cool to be seen to be a part of. :wink:

This is NOT a club forum as such, its just a general hotrod forum and we should all encourage everyone who is in a club to proudly display their club logo in their signature. :D
Chris Stork.
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Post by Dave »

Mr Cool wrote:This is NOT a club forum as such, its just a general hotrod forum and we should all encourage everyone who is in a club to proudly display their club logo in their signature. :D
Except for the minor fact that we don't actually allow images in signatures on the Forum. A special exception was made for OER due to it being founded here!
Dave Petrusma
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Post by Mopar Mick »

I have only ever been a member of 1 rod and kustom car club.

"Oz e rodders"

Was a member of the original "H.R.I" and am a proud founding member of "Oz e rodders". 8)

Have made a lot of lasting friendships with other members of this club. :)

Early days I made a determined effort to attend as many club functions as was possible.

This past year or so have been difficult for Irene' and I with our "health issues" but we shall be back as soon as "good health" permits.

Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.
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Post by SeanHammond »

Caballeros! 5 dudes (also one doing hard time in quentin). beatbox tournaments, cars and beer are a few of our favourite things


or check out the latest street machine for a nice shot of Bullit clutching his junk :wink:
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Post by rog »

new to rodding, not a member anywhere.. yet. have tried to contact oz e rodder treasurer to join no reply as yet. so quietly waiting for acknowledgement, if oz e rodders want me.. :wink: or any other family friendly club around melb north or west. :lol: :lol:
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Post by 64-SLED »

Been a member of the EH Holden Car Club of Vic for 17 years.

Spent 10 of those as Secretary and 3 years on and off as President.

Back in as Secretary again, they love me.

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I have been a member of Mountain District Rodders twice all up about 20 years club was established 1981 currently about 28 members including two founding members have made some very good friends ,clubs help keep you up to date with all things hotrodding ,but so does this forum.
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Post by inkilstr8r »

United Street Machiners . 2010 is our 30th year .
About 12 of us left to relive our glory days once a month.
Even my Hotrod was built by Holden
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Post by GBS »

My first club was The Saints in Sydney. I spent a short time with them from about 1963. They were formed in 1958 from memory and were involved in both street and speedway cars. One of their more notable speedway efforts was a mid engine 39 Ford coupe. They moved the flathead back behind the seat in an attempt to gain more traction. The driver changed gear with a lever hanging from the roof in front of him!

The club president had a street driven 39 coupe when I joined. It had no sheet metal in front of the firewall except for cycle guards and a 32 grille. He also had a flathead powered FJ Holden.

I became aware of the club's existance after it ran what I think was the second rod show ever held in NSW. It was at the Asquith Boys Club hall and I think the year was 1962. They had no idea how many cars were going to attend so the president's wife sat at the door with a type writer and wrote the entry list as they arrived.

About 15 cars turned up with the top award going to Colin Mainprize with a very nice channeled 34 roadster with the doors welded shut.

Another good car at the show was a flawless looking black 34 Dodge coupe with VW seats, white upholstery, partially chromed front end and a hot flathead six with triple Holden Strombergs and a Rolls Royce magneto. It later became a club car.

Other club cars included a manual V8 58 Pontiac, a beautiful mildly customised 58 Customline with a modified engine and Jag four speed and a Y block powered Austin Healey.

The club closed sometime in the 1970s.

My second club was Albury in the early 90s. I did not have a car during the couple of years I was with them.

Next came the Central Coast Street Rodders in about 1997. I resigned early this year. Unfortunately I still have not finished building the A roadster I started while with them but I did manage to make a mould and get 33 low cost one piece roadster bodies out into the world. Please someone else start making those type of bodies. I stoped over three years ago and the phone is still ringing. There have been two calls in the last three weeks and plenty prior to that.

I am currently a member of OZ-E-Rodders and still working on the roadster.

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