Motorcycle battery

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Motorcycle battery

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How much battery would a standard low compression 302 Windsor with a Bosch starter motor need?
If car had said nothing other than brake lights, indicators and a points and coil ignition would you think a 400 CCA AGM motor cycle battery would do the job?
Anyone with experience using motor cycle battery in a basic car?
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Re: Motorcycle battery

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If you think about ride on lawnmowers they use a battery around twice the size of a motorcycle.

You may get away with a Lithium jump starter but they really aren't designed for that sort of use.

You would need an engine that started first go every go as they don't have too much capacity.

My Son's MightyBoy with the SR20DE+T gets by really well with a Full River AGM battery. It's probably 100mm wide, 180mm high and 240mm long.

Not cheap but it's 5 years old and still going strong.
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Re: Motorcycle battery

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my son ran a motobatt mbtx30u in his 30 chev for many years starting a 308 v8. they just don't like long non use ... ry-mbtx30u
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