1932 Willys 6-90

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Re: 1932 Willys 6-90

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Gojeep wrote: Sat Jun 03, 2023 9:31 pm Do you know how much it was widened by as the proportions look good?
Not sure, I think around 8 inches as you can see by the cowl. It had bucket seats and a console between like your Jeep. The console was 10 inches wise so lots of room. Might have only been 6 inches, I think the radiator has been widened less than the body.

This is the only photo can find that matches, Amelia Airhart had this exact same coupe version, the cowl looks wide anyway.

I would suggest less is better, I saw a 32 coupe widened and it looked dreadful.

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Re: 1932 Willys 6-90

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I'm looking at 5" at the grille and only 3.75" the body. Trying to keep it to a minimum on this one but still fit the HEMI in without bulges.

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