Hi from Japan

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Hi from Japan

Post by panhead_pete »

Its been a minute.....

For those that dont know I moved to Japan about 8 years ago hence my absence from here. Being locked out last time I went to sign in and having basically given up trying to join the FB group its nice to be able to say hi again.

Would post a pic of my 34 but seem to have forgotten how to do that using this platform, if someone could guide me through that it would be awesome.
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Re: Hi from Japan

Post by 46 deluxe »

What prompted such a big move ?
Good to have you back by the way . :D
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Re: Hi from Japan

Post by zuffen »

I copy my photos to Post Image then link them to the Post I'm doing.

There is a Section of the Forum about hosting photos. viewforum.php?f=8

Oh and welcome back. It isn't quite as busy as 8 years ago but every new or returning Member improves the place.
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Re: Hi from Japan

Post by Gojeep »

Welcome back mate. :)

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