45 years of Custom Auto Chassis Eng.

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Re: 45 years of Custom Auto Chassis Eng.

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Here's hoping we get to see you back on here posting on a more regular basis.
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Re: 45 years of Custom Auto Chassis Eng.

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Hi Col, I know for years I have beaten this same drum but really it is not expensive to setup your own website. I put the entire story of my build on there then link the photos to this site, and cut n paste the text so I don't write it twice. I set mine up in 1996 and at $10 a month it has cost a bit over time, but all my kids get their names as their email addresses etc. I also have the family history on there and as I add to it I get lots of people writing to me and sending photos and info I do not have. They can copy what they want off my site for free. Facebook is useless as a record, ok for conversation and answering queries but cannot compare to this. Look at Marcus's GoJeep build as an example, you can go back and look for things easily.

Start here, this is one of the good ones although plenty out there with easy to use software.


Mine is here: http://www.muston.com
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