V6 fitting?

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Re: V6 fitting?

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I have used and V6 conversion kit for a Ford Courier and only had a small issue with a leaking sump at the back that was easy fixed. I also made some mounts to put one in a Toyots Stout years ago to suit Cortina donuts mounts flat like and early Ford mount, I think they are kicking around my shed somewhere. Personally I prefer the Ecotec as it vibrates less due to being even fire.
On the sump front I have got an ali sump that I began to modify and can say they weld very easily for cast ali, I could not find a steel one when I was looking at the time.
I converted one to run a carby and Ford EDIS ignition and it was a great engine till the car got stolen, still run fine when I got it back.
Oil filter also need moving to clear most conversions.
Pretty sure a Rover V8 timing cover will fit on one to get a distributor drive point, but need to sort oil pump etc etc
I have done alot of research on these engines and still have one I am playing with, balance shaft removed, crank internally balanced, full stud kit. Just need to put it in something.
I will have a rumage for the mounts to get some pics as they are really basic.

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Re: V6 fitting?

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666 wrote:That would make a sleeper out of a Gemini.
Agreed. Stock Gem was 63kW. Stock VX V6 is 152... And heaps more torque. The 4L60E is a far better proposition than a Trimatic. With those headers etc, should breathe a bit better too.
How much turbo etc mods would you need to more than double the power and torque of the stock 1600cc Gemini?
And the ecotech is a reliable economic modern engine. Far less "foibles" than even the stock Gem motor.
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