Ekka speedway late 60's early 70's

Posts relating to early (Pre 1985) Hotrodding History in Australia, including Hotrod and Custom Shows plus early Drag Racing, Speedway, Hillclimbs etc.
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Ekka speedway late 60's early 70's

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Hey all
I have just spent some time looking at other postings showing some of the early years of speedway in Australia. I spent quite a large part of my young life at the Ekka speedway watching my farther do what he loved , which most of the time was go flat out at opposite lock. I was more of a two wheel nut so I really loved to watch the solos .
My farther started out in saloon cars and then went into midget sprint cars , he lost his life there one Saturday night in the early 70's and although that was a devastating time ,now looking at some of the old race pictures it brings back lots of great memories of my childhood and the good old days.
So I was wondering if any one out there has any old pics or literature from that era of the Ekka speedway ?
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Re: Ekka speedway late 60's early 70's

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try here for a start, there's plenty of interest in the History of OZ Speedway
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Re: Ekka speedway late 60's early 70's

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Also the ' Old Time Speedway ' website where everything is neatly categorised into racing divisions and decades.
There are also some vintage speedway sites on Facebook.
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Re: Ekka speedway late 60's early 70's

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Trove can be a good source. I've found numerous references of my grandfathers speedway results from the 1920's. Even a couple of blurred photos of the racing. 8)


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Re: Ekka speedway late 60's early 70's

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If you're on facebook then try " Ekka Speedway Glory Days ".
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Re: Ekka speedway late 60's early 70's

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Better late than never.

Hunt down Tony Webb's books on speedway in Queensland. He has written about Davies Park (West End), Deagon and The Ekka, especially this one, a great read:

http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/226576894? ... BD60084235

You could also think about joining one of the historic clubs e.g. HSAA

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