Black Shadow FJ Holden number 1

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Re: Black Shadow FJ Holden number 1

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And the bonnet is with the car! Just not fitted at present.
The only real things externally that have changed are wheels, paint and de-chroming, all of which are easily fixed.
Thank you .
Good to hear that the bonnet survives, it is unique to the car.
It sounds like the car is in the hands of someone who appreciates its history.
Good luck with the resto.
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Re: Black Shadow FJ Holden number 1

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I am :oops:

Have seen and photographed the purple car many times over the years as I tend to do with cars that have strong appeal to me. Even posted pics of it here on Ozrodders but never once did I even stop to think that it was Alby's Black Shadow 1 as seen in the photographs used on the first page of this thread (at least one of those images shot by me at Calder Park).

I really like the car in it's current guise and now it confirms how lucky I was with my own FJ, getting it back after almost 30 years in hiding with almost nothing changed. And I'm so happy to hear the original bonnet remains with the car. That's the biggest disappointment with mine, the original louvered bonnet was removed and scrapped and the one that's now on the car is a less than perfect fit.

Thinking about some of the photographs I have shot of the purple version, I guess the conundrum is what to do with the car now it's been 'outed', leave it as is or restore it back to as was. I'll admit to being guilty of modifying it even further, because at one time I photoshopped the purple version into a two door hard top, that looked pretty good so then I chopped the top as well.

If I can find the pics I'll post them up.
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