Coil spring rate calculator

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Re: Coil spring rate calculator

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ram-rod wrote:hi Paul I think series 2&3 jag have different brake calipers from series 1. check the width of your discs with a set of verniers and ring your local brake place they will be able to tell you straight away If your discs are under size

sorry guys not wanting to take this off topic.

this calculator will be a very good thing thanks for taking the time fellas
Series 1- solid rotors : new 12.5.. Min. thickness 11.5mm
Series 2 & 3 Vented: new 24mm. Min. thickness 22.9mm
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Re: Coil spring rate calculator

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If you are running coil overs, there is a mob in the UK called AVO that stock a really good range of springs. ... PRINGS.pdf

If there is anyone in oZ that offers a similar wide range I would really like to know.
Cheers, Tony
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Re: Coil spring rate calculator

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Re: Coil spring rate calculator

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Your Clac looks the go...I'll try of few variables that I've used over the years.
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