New Members signing up please READ HERE FIRST!

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New Members signing up please READ HERE FIRST!

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If you are signing up to join the Ozrodders Forum (which is free by the way!) you simply need to select an appropriate user name (inappropriate ones will be deleted), fill in the required details, have a current valid email address (see the other post for more information about a permanent ban on 'free' email addresses such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail etc.) then wait for approval.

Note that approval may take a day or two. We don't/can't always check daily (this is a part time non paying job!) and unfortunately due to excessive spam attempts (again) we need to check each one before approval so please be patient! Once we approve your application if that account is never logged in within 2 months of approval it will usually be deleted. You do not have to post, you simply need to login.

Note also that a user name with anything rude in it will be deleted as will any random and meaningless mix of letters and numbers which will be automatically presumed to be spam without even looking! e.g. xyuioopajgf etc will be deleted but something like MY1932 should be okay if not already taken! If you have not received a confirmation email within 14 days then please contact site admin via email quoting your selected user name.

You MUST read the Terms and Conditions before signing up.

To understand WHO and WHAT is, please refer to our Home Page.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Dave Petrusma