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What is Ozrodders.com?

Ozrodders.com is an online community and technical forum for Australian hotrodding enthusiasts as well as our New Zealand friends and interested Hotrodders worldwide. Australian bodied cars are not only right hand drive but often 'unique' to this part of the world and often very different to US bodied cars of the same years and can have unique technical challenges.

This website is administered by Hotrodders.com, an American-based website for hotrodders all over the world. Membership of Ozrodders.com forum is FREE, but you must read and abide by the Terms and Conditions.

Ozrodders.com evolved from the Hot Rod Internet (HRI) forum, whose administrator was threatened with litigation over a discussion that was interpreted as defamatory under Australia's then archaic defamation laws. At the time, the HRI was Australia's largest hotrodding forum. In a joint effort between Australian and American hotrodders, we salvaged the wealth of collected hotrodding knowledge, and continued the Australian forum thanks to our American hosts.

Since then, Australian Defamation Law has undergone some significant changes, but real reform is yet to be enacted by the Australian Federal Government. For more information, see Defamation Law Reform on the Australian Government web site.

In the meantime, the Ozrodders community has grown and prospered under the administration of Hotrodders.com, the Ozrodders administrator and Ozrodders moderators.

What is Oz-E-Rodders?

The Oz-E-Rodders Rod and Kustom Club is the first national on line Hot Rod and Kustom Club in Australia, if not the world. Oz-E-Rodders formed on the 1st July 2005. Its inaugural membership comes from the contributors to Ozrodders.com, and all club business takes place on the Oz-E-Rodders section of the forum.

Oz-E-Rodders Rod and Kustom Club is affiliated with the ASRF via the ACT District Council. Hot Rod and Kustom enthusiasts from around the nation come together as members of Oz-E-Rodders in a way that is made possible by the internet. Members catch up in person during events such as the ASRF Nationals.

While Oz-E-Rodders was originally founded on the Ozrodders forums, Oz-E-Rodders is NOT affiliated with Ozrodders.com except in the sense that Oz-E-Rodders use the Ozrodders forum for their meeting room. The Oz-E-Rodders forums are moderated separately from the Ozrodders forums.

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